nereusmedia publishing is on facebook, featuring a growing catalog of books and digital content from the independent publisher. Sign up on the nereusmedia facebook page for upcoming book reviews, publishing services, and book giveaways. Some of their most recent books are August Moldenhauer’s Kathu Journals out of Lovecraft’s Providence,a Lovecraftean horror tale of revisionist Cthulhu history and R’lyehan language, a must read for Cthulhu fans available on both and the nereusmedia bookstore. Also the 2015 second edition printing of William Mitchell’s Dead Suns Eleven, a science fiction novel of sentient black hole beings at the end of the dying universe,from the author of the internet cult-classic fan fiction Dune Revenant. Dead Suns Eleven is also available on nereusmedia bookstore and on, so buy your copy today. The sequel The Locksman of Quanta will be published later in 2015.


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