“The Locksman of Quanta”, sequel to the 2010 science fiction novel “Dead Suns Eleven” will be available by Christmas 2014 from nereusmedia publishing. While “Dead Suns Eleven” featured an ensemble cast of charaters as diverse as The Avengers or The Guardians of the Galaxy, “The Locksmith of Quanta” will focus on the Locksman character, who was breifly seen in the first novel at a key point in the war with the mysterious black hole beings known as the Erebos, at the birth of the Monoverse. The Locksman echos the quirky characters of scinece fiction such as Doctor Who, the Time Traveller from H.G. Wells The Time Machine, with a dash of the Keymaker from The Matrix films. The Locksman holds the keys to not only time travel, but across the quantum boundaries of mulitpule universes as well, and the fate of both the Universe and the Monoverse are are in his hands. Look for the second edition paperback of “Dead Suns Eleven” to be releaseed Fall 2014, and “The Locksman of Quanta” released by Winter 2014 from nereusmedia.

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