T-ara Collection 2015 video showcases my collection of Korean Albums.  Although T-ara has many Japanese CDs and is now prompting in China where they are growing in popularity, let’s take a look at their Korean releases, which have always been my favorites. Visit my T-ara youtube unboxing playlist for a detailed unboxing of each album.

T-ara Collection 2015 – The Korean CD Albums

Let’s look forward to some great releases from the T-ara Comeback 2015!

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If you want to see a full unboxing of my T-ara albums, click the links below for each of the T-ara Korean Albums featured in this video:

T-ara And & End
T-ara Black Eyes
T-ara Roly Poly In Copacabana
T-ara Absolute First Album
T-ara Temptastic
T-ara Sexy Love
T-ara Day by Day
T-ara Paris and Swiss
T-ara Lovey Dovey
T-ara Breaking Hearts
T-ara Again

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