After the departure of Jessica Jung many fans were saddened and wondered about the future of Girl’s Generation is a eight member group. But with their newest release “Catch Me If You Can”, with it’s EDM sound and full throttle dance routine, SNSD shows it’s as strong and popular as ever. The Youtube video for the Korean version of the “Catch Me If You Can” MV has already topped 3 million views in the few days since is was release, and the fans reactions are mostly positive, showing that Girl’s Generation are back with a powerful song and fresh concept, strong then ever and still the top of Kpop.

jessica jung sings catch me if you can

That’s not all that is going on in youtube. One fan recognized that the chorus from “Catch Me If You Can” had been sung by ex-member Jessica Jung. It seems that Jessica may have been rehearsing the song back when she was filming the “Jessica & Krystal” TV series she filmed with her sister Krystal Jung, a member of SM Entertainment’s group F(x). The clip (From J&K episode 3) shows Jessica sitting on a sofa, looking a a magazine, and singing the pre-chorus to “Catch Me If You Can”. You can here her version of singing “My Heart”. Check out this fan video that gives us a hint of what it would be like if Jessica were singing along with SNSD.

Great catch and a fun video, giving fans of Jessica and Girl’s Generation a glimpse of what it would be like if she were still in the group.  Once again proving that SONE are wishing Girl’s Generation and Jessica the best in 2015!

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