Informatica Uses Remote Function Calls to connect to SAP systems. In order to connect to SAP systems.
  •  PowerExchange for SAP Net Weaver needs to installed on SAP server.
  • PowerExchange for SAP Net Weaver Client needs to be installed on client machine $INFA_HOME\Client\bin on windows machine.
  •  SAP Remote Function Call saprfc.ini file needs to be placed on informatica server binary path $INFA_HOME/server/bin path
  •  On client machine as C :/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/saprfc.ini add the below entry in the saprfc.ini file.
  •           Add the below entry in the saprfc.ini file.
DEST            =    <destination in RfcO pen>
TYPE             =     <A: RFC server is a specific R/3  application server>
ASHOST        =      <host name of a specific R/3 application server>
SYSNR          =     <SAP R/3 system number>
RFC_TRACE  =       It will be some numeric number (0 0r 1) default would be 0 in case if you want to generate the trace file mark it as 1.
  • After importing the source from source analyzer, the SAP access user id and password need to be given and filter criteria as Table name (so it will take less time) need to be mentioned.
  • Once the connectivity is established import the source.
  • Create the mapping and save it.
  • Generate the ABAP code after saving the mapping, refresh the mapping,validate the sessions and save it and run the workflow.
  • The number of times any modifications are made in the mapping, the same number of times the ABAP code need to be generated.


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