This is my second Alternate Title Sequence since finished watching Series 8 of Doctor Who. While my last sequence was a 1936-1957 serial movie style, this version goes even further back in time. Imagine if Doctor Who had been a Silent Movie from 1899. So I set out to make a title sequence inspired by the various Doctor Who titles sequences, and old silent films and the quirky world of early cinema.

Doctor Who – The SIlent Movie Episode (1899) – Series 9 Alternate Title Sequence from nereusmedia on Vimeo.

I started out collecting some stock footage of London from the 1890s. However, since the Police Call Box didn’t exist at that time, I opted for the 1896 version of the Glasgow Police Signal Box, with its Victorian shape for the TARDIS. I used a pinwheel as a typical early cinema special effect, as well as sparks and smoke coming from out of the TARDIS as it moves through the dimension of time as if it were space. All the effects were meant to be cheesy, like when the TARDIS materializes with a flash and puff of smoke as is often found in early magical cinema.

doctor who silent film 1899

As this was a film from the silent era, the Doctor Who Theme needed to be representative of that era. So I chose a simple piano version, sped up, distorted, and equalized to sound like a bad recording. Putting it all together along with the healthy amount of film age effects. In the end, this Doctor Who theme is meant to be a bit off, as was the case when we look back at early silent film era. Who knows what adventures the Doctor may have had back in 1899.

Let me know what you think of this Doctor Who opening sequence by leaving a comment on my nereusmedia vimeo page. Thanks.

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