From the back cover of “Dark Spirit House” the new horror novel by Otsu Grail publsihed by nereusmedia.

In Bangkok Thailand, a motocycle taxi driver trying to make some extra money crosses paths with the San Prah Phum, Thai for Spirit Houses, on an abandoned lot, where an insane asylum burned to the ground a generation ago. When the site is desecrated,  evil is unleased and a spiral of death begins to circle out into the world, pulling the reluctant Niran towards dark forces he doesn’t understand.  Taking it upon himself to set things right, Niran begins to uncover the secret of the Dark Spirit House, and the curse that stretches back to an ancient times. With help from the mysterious Kyaw, a shaman from Myanmar, Niran discovers his own latent spirit powers, that he will need to combat the demonic forces trying to come through to our world from beyond death.

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