nereusmedia consult

nereusmedia consulting provides publishing and technology services for your business or personal projects. When getting your books printed and published, or establishing a business presence on the internet, nereusmedia consulting has experiience in all aspects of product and project design, editing, development, implementation, and maintenance. nereusmedia consulting provides the following publishing and technology services:

  • book publishing
  • cover design
  • graphic design
  • book layout and design
  • editing
  • photogrqphy book publishing
  • hardcover/paperback book publishing
  • digital book publishing
  • isbn number
  • copyright
  • distribution
  • database development
  • web development
  • website design
  • internet marketing
  • social media integration
  • video production / post-production
  • photography / photoshop
  • adsense
  • web analytics

With 20+ years of design and engineering experience, we want to solve your problem and contribute to your project so contact for a consultation.