Billy Arioch wears several hats as visual designer at nereusmedia, but for this post we want to spotlight on his role as book cover designer for a number of nereusmedia’s print book publications.  His most recent work is in the cover design for August Moldenhauer’s The Kathu Journals out of Lovecraft’s Providence, which is representative of his approach to subject matter.  Here we have a book about book, a set of mysterious journals providing interpretations on H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu.  With Arioch’s cover, we see the texts within the texts, complete with the shadowed silhouettes of Lovecraft and some tentacled lurker defining the outer boarder. The design becomes more astute when viewed in the context of the madnesss that the text produces in both the original author and the journal’s future critic.   The techniques Arioch used for his book covers have a wide range: collage (as in the cover for The Locksman of Quanta with its juxtaposition of the Pont Des Art locks with Stellar Nebulae), photography (with Head for Salome), painting (the cover for The Wounded features an oil painting by William Mitchell), 3D modeling (as in the cover for Dune Revenant), and photoshop (in the rendering of Dead Suns Eleven, the Phrenology of Barack Obama, and The Seven Clones of Barack Obama). Did we mention the nereusmedia logo and even the book mockups on this page are his as well. And he shoots our video as well! Take a look at the gallery of Bill Arioch’s work below and visit him on Be sure to visit our nereusmedia bookstore where your purchase supports independent publishing.

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