bleach book

The Bleach Chronicles by Urahara Kisuke is a history of the Manga Bleach from the Events of the first Hollofication experiments and the banishment of Urahara Kisuke, the story of Masakai and Ishin Kurosaki, the Death & the Strawberry story, Rise of Aizen and Hueco Mundo, And The Quincy wars.  The Bleach Chronicles contains detailed accounts from key story arcs of the series, including Ichigo’s Hollowfication battle with Ulquirora, the final Battles with Aizen, and current summaries of the Quincy war.  The Bleach Chronicles features a complete guide to all characters and villains throughout the series, with an extensive review of every appearance of Urahara Kisuke and Mayuri Kurotsuchi.  Finally the book contains extensive endnotes with references to each episode chapter of the original manga and anime series. Take a look here:

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