The new

End times call for dire measures. While world celebrates the “white smoke” that signifier of the newly elected pope by the conclave, there is a dark secret in the Vatican. In a demonic ceremony of goat–masked celebrants the “black smoke” heralds the arrival of a different kind of pope. The White Smoke brings the White Pope, but the Black Smoke brings the DEVIL POPE. Bensa Magos follows the story of the hell-spawned satyr Faunus, the Devil Pope, who has been summoned from the underworld to combat the antichrist — American President Brock O’Branaugh. But Brock O’Branaugh is not content with leading America, as he soon takes command of the United Nations, sending UN “peace prize” stormtroopers into wars around the globe. President Brock O’Branaugh goes so far as to elect himself the Red Pope, hell bent on carpet bombing the world with condoms and healthcare insurance forms and waivers. The world’s last hope is the Devil Pope. But can Faunus stop the Red Pope before his final transformation leads to his hegemony of eternal damnation.

Given QE Infinity, the Libor Scandal and that idol of truth-in-advertising called Obamacare, this book is a must read!

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