OBAMA ANTICHRIST: The Baraq-U-Bamah and the Coming Apocalypse by Bensa Magos and published by nereusmedia and is available for purchase

“Can we be living in the last days of the Earth? Is there a living Antichrist toiling to subjugate humanity and usher in a hellish new age of enslavement? What is the relation between Barrack Hussein Obama and the adversary known as the Baraq-U-Bamah, the Satan that is called the lightning from heaven? Author Bensa Magos, armed with his extensive knowledge of teh occult, pierces through the veils of deception and obfuscation truly at work in the world today. In an ever-secularized world, where Arhimanic and Luciferic forces increasingly encroach upon us, Magos exposes the demonic plans of the Baraq-U-Bamah, revealing the connections linking the Baraq-U-Bamah to President Obama through an integrated study of the Apocalypse with the Antichrist from Biblical Revelation.”

Given the current Obamanation called Obamacare, his ‘Final Solution’ this book is a must read.

Purchase your copy at the nereusmedia bookstore and support independent publishing

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