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Looking to fulfill your horror craving this Halloween? Enter the Nine Hells with our selection of 9 horror books from nereusmedia to satisfy your quest for fear. From Classic horror like Frankenstein, to the modern horror  the Killingworth Bogman, or real life witch burnings in Elizabethan Demonology , Cthulhu inspired Kathu Journals, or horror comdeny of Black Smoke, Devil Pope. There is a book to fill your brain that any zombie would love to eat! Follow the links below to explore these nine horror offerings from nereusmedia, where your book purchase support indy book publishing.

1) The Kathu Journals out of Lovecraft’s Providence

The Kathu Journals out of Lovecraft’s Providence by August Moldenhauer. A journal from H.P. Lovecraft’s Providence is discovered in Kathu revealing cthulhulean horrors.

2) The Killingworth Bogman
“The Killingworth Bogman” Paperback Edition New | eBay

The Kilingworth Bogman – by William Mitchell. Created by an ancient Indian curse, the bogman rises from black swamps every hundred of years to terrorize the small town of Killingworth, Connecticut

3) Black Smoke, Devil Pope!
pope ebay
Black Smoke, Devil Pope! – by Bensa Magos. The Vatican summons the kindly hellspawn satyr Faunus, the Devil Pope, to save the world from the Demonic American President who self-installs himself as Red Pope.

4) Dark Spirit House
Dark Spirit House – by Otsu Grail.  A Bangkok motorbike taxi discovers the Dark Spirit House in the abandon lot where an insane asylum burned down and sets in motion an ancient curse.

5) The Carolina Tobacco Geist

The Carolina Tobacco Geist – by William Mitchell. The saga of the Killingworth Bogman continues with an Aztec curse of tobacco leads from Sir Walter Raleigh to modern day North Carolina.

6) Obama Antichrist

Obama Antichrist- by Bensa Magos. Can we be living in the end of days?  Follow the events of the meteoric rise of Barack Obama and the prophecy of the Bible’s Book of Revelations

7) Frankenstein or the modern Prometheus

frankenstein ebay
Frankenstein or the MODERN PROMETHEUS by Mary Shelley.  PROMETHEUS UNBOUND in this new annotated edition of the classic horror fiction tale that defined a genre.

8) The Phrenology of Barack Obama
The Phrenology of Barack Obama – by Bensa Magos. Learn the secrets of the head scar and mind control the true nature of  the demon horn of Moloch.  

9) Elizabethan Demonology
elizabeth ebay
Elizabethan Demonology by Thomas Spalding – The study of the belief in demons, devils, ghosts, and fairies from Shakespearean times.

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