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Remember, Remember the 5th of November, 2014, with election results tallied and a wave of losses for the Democrat party, who couldn’t run far or fast enough it seems to distance themselves from the President. It’s almost hard to remember when people thought Obama was a kind of messiah figure, with some Cultist actor even calling him “Our Lord and Savior, Barack Obama.”  Although it is getting harder to find the people who once proudly admitted having elected Obama into office, many Obama devotees are still busy at work undermining America. Bensa Magos remembers these horrible past 6 years with a look at Obama worship and the unsuspecting victims of his preternatural rise to tyrannt.  In his forthcoming book, 13 Cults of Barack Obama: the Gaming of American Denial, Bensa Magos reveals thirteen cults of Obama and the results may be shocking.  Magos targets the usually suspects, his crony elites in the Cult of Injustice, his propaganda peddling talking heads of the Cult of Deception, his riot-fueling Cult of Racism, and the peeping-toms in the Panopticon Cult.  In a suprising turnabout, the book also asks the question if even Obama’s enemies haven’t been victims of his audacious plans to unsettle and distract away from his true xenodemonic agenda. Here the question is asked, ‘How do you know if you are not currently under the influence of Obama’s mass mind control?’   Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

“This book outlines thirteen Cults of Obama that you may be under the influence of now as we speak. Even if you yourself are fortunate to have avoided these thirteen, you may recognize that friends or colleagues of yours have somehow been transformed into Obama Cultists.  The days of slow and passive members of party loyalty are no longer effective, far too many people distrust government, and the puppet masters are not willing to leave their success in the hands of we the people.  We find ourselves in a technotronic age, in which the cult control techniques, from the small time cult leader to the corporate megachurch, are expanded and perfected to a global level.  The puppet masters now use everything at their disposal to bring about their mass mind control planning:  selective and deceptive education, systems of propaganda, lies, distraction, and misdirection in the media, and even chemical manipulation of water and food, medicine, and domains of mental and physical health care have all become weaponized by the Obama administration.   And even when Obama is gone, the forces behind him will continue their evil works, which seem both alien and demonic to those of us who remember life from the prior America of the 20th century.

“Those familiar with my other works, Obama Antichrist, The Phrenology of Barack Obama, and the Seven Clones of Barack Obama, know that I have given the name xenodemonic to this alien and demonic force at work behind the scenes in Obama.  The xenodemonic forces are hungry for human slaves and human souls, and seem to be of singular focus in the plans to leads us down a path of apocalyptic collapse to a time of endless wars, famines, pandemics, and degradation of humanity into serfdom and slavery. In this volume I will explore the thirteen cults of Obama, as well as present the Cultbook of Obolaerth, the xenodemonic bible followed by the high ranking members of Obama’s inner circle Xenodemonic Cult.  Obama may be a puppet, but the puppet is connected to the puppet masters, and so we must focus on the cults of evils that have take hold of human cultists, victims who betray their nation, birthright, and their humanity for a seat at foul table of Obama and his xenodemonic master handlers.”    

13 Cults of Obama

Magos shows while some of the cults are populated by willing cultists of the left wing, others fall into the Cults of Deception and Desolation by inaction, victims of a kind of brainwashing, in which even those people against Obama’s most ani-American policies seem to go along with him, not knowing how to fight off his influence.  This ‘gaming’ of the American people, and their denial of his diabolical plans, is one of the tools Obama uses to manipulate the fears, dreams, outrage of the American people to do his bidding. Here is a list of the 13 Cults from the table of contents.

1) The Narcissism Cult

2) The Messiah Cult

3) The Injustice Cult

4) The RacismCult

5) The Pseudoscience Cult

6) The Tyranny Cult

7) The Deception Cult

8) The Desolation Cult

9) The Panopticon Cult

10) The Abortion Cult

11) The Death Cult

12) The Automaton Cult

13) The Xenodemonicon Cult

Look for this upcoming book published by nereusmedia, 13 Cults of Barack Obama: the Gaming of American Denial by Bensa Magos, on nereusmedia.com and Amazon.com in December 2014.

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