The Seven Clones of Barack Obama

The Seven Clones of Barack Obama
Genres: Occult, Politics
Tags: Abortion, Ancient Aliens, Annunaki, Conspiracy Theory, Moloch, Obama Clone, Occult, Xenodemonic
Publisher: nereusmedia
Publication Year: 2014
ISBN: 9781312901964
In his latest book “The Seven Clones of Barack Obama”, occultist author Bensa Magos returns to expose the ancient origins and fearful hegemony of the bloodline of Obama clones. Spawn of Annunaki breeding of Akhenaton's alien DNA, , the Obama clone-line produced seven failed clones, each horrifically disfigured as they are wicked. Effectively applying the often-discredited practices of 19th century mesmerists, Magos reanimates the obscured chronicles of the first seven Obama clones, including the shocking revelation of the apostate 7th Obama Clone, still alive at the bottom of the ocean. The current President of the United States, the 8th Obama Clone is systematically unveiling his cyclopean designs: Unleash a Hitlerian "Creeping Death" of Monsanto force fed Eugentics, a Moloch satiating Cult of Abortion, under the all-seeing-eye of the NSA Panopticon, enforced by the "Final Solution" control grid known as Obamacare.
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The Seven Clones of Barack Obama is the third book of the Xendemonicon Trilogy from Bensa Magos and represents for Magos the culmination of his revisionist historical writings on contemporary politics. Magos began his journey through the xenodemonic, a term he has coined meaning the hybrid of alien and demonic forces he has identified as the true masters behind world politics, with the publication of Obama Antichrist: The Baraq-U-Bamah and the Coming Apocalypse. In Obama Antichrist, Magos begins with a quotation from Pastor James Manning “The Blood of Jesus is Against you Obama,” a sentiment that roots Magos’ claims of diabolical forces at the core of the Baraq-U-Bamah. While his first book seeks a validation through the Biblical Book of Revelations, his second book seeks a more secular path in his quest to bring to light the occulted xenodemonic, using what Magos calls “the often discredited pseudo-science of phrenology:. The Phrenology of Barack Obama, while touching on the topics of mind control and brain implants, again returns to the xenodemonic, equating Obama’s policy of federally mandated abortions to the ancient practice of child-sacrifices to fulfill cultist’s quotas to the demon Moloch.

With The Seven Clones of Barack Obama, Magos shows that his first two works were incomplete, and that there is a history of alien and demonic forces that are the cause of human suffering and evil. Magos links NSA spying and Obamacare as a web of control to monitor and subjugate all of humanity under the yoke of these alien demon hybrids, all leading up to the coming War of the Obama Clones. In The Seven Clones of Barack Obama, we find Bensa Magos as the great enjoyer of an anti-skeptic’s ironic dreams. Not since the Metamorphoses of Apuleius has the demagogue been so entertaining. Magos is one of those writers that think Kafka is a humorist, and while his occult musings seem far removed, they also reveal something too disturbing to be ignored. That the truth is far stranger than any of us had imagined.

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