The Killingworth Bogman

The Killingworth Bogman
Genre: Horror
Publisher: nereusmedia
Publication Year: 2009
A series of gruesome murders haunt a small New England town soon after a discovered Bogman goes missing. From his original death in 1666 to today, the Bogman terrorizes Killingworth, Connecticut, preserved by the preternatural bogs, rising from the mire every hundred years, a victim of the Indian Curse. The Killingworth Bogman tracks the trails of carnage across the history of New England from Colonial times until today. What is the Bogman’s curse, and why does he still wear the noose around his leathery throat?
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‘The Killingworth Bogman’ collects the works of Will McCrea Jr, who life was spent trying to prove the existence of the preternatural creature until his untimely death. William Mitchell collects in this volume McCrea’s writings, journals, and photography, which trace the Killingworth Bogman from his original death in 1666 to today. Preserved in the preternatural bogs, a victim of an Indian tobacco curse, the bogman rises from the mire every hundred years, from his original death in 1666 to today, to terrorize the picturesque New England town of Killingworth, Connecticut. McCrea’s works, somewhere between fabrication and revelation, are presented along with William Joseph’s ‘The Tobacco Geist of the Carolinas’ and an introduction and critical essay by Bensa Magos.

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