The Carolina Tobacco Geist

The Carolina Tobacco Geist
Genre: Horror
Publisher: nereusmedia
Publication Year: 2010
The Killingworth Bogman Saga continues with the Carolina Tobacco Geist. From an Ancient Aztec Tobacco Curse to Sir Walter Raleigh's Secret the creature stalking the tobacco fields of the Carolinas from the Civil War to the Cold War. What is the terrible curse behind the Carolina Tobacco Geists murders across the centuries?
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excerpt from The Carolina Tobacco Geist…

1595 -Virginia Colony

The ship La Madre De Dios was crossing the Atlantic in the middle of a raging storm at sea. The ship had been captured by none other than Sir Walter Raleigh, during his quest for the lost city of El Dorado in the Spanish Colonies of South America. Raleigh had captured the vessel himself in a pirate raid that left the Spanish Crew abandoned on la Isla de los Muertos off the coast of San Cristobella. Raleigh himself was returning to England with a secret.
A secret for the Queen’s Ears only!
Three weeks till England, so Raleigh chose to write the history of the Azteca curse, and the relation to the Carolina bright leaf tobacco. Everything had seen in the Spanish colonies’, the curse itself; all made its way into his journal. He spent much of his time in the captain’s quarters of La Madre De Dios, enjoying the rich Spanish food and drink stores collected by the previous captain. The capture of Madre De Dios took place off the shore of Virginia. The battle was long but decisive, and in the end it was England who raised the flag of up the mast of Madre De Dios. The ship was best outfitted for the voyage south in search of El Dorado, so once the Spanish crew had been imprisoned on la isla des muertos, we set sail for southern waters to claim the fabled city of gold for England and the Queen.
Although Raleigh had failed to discover the lost city of gold, he did discover a link between the ancient Azteca gods and the lost colony at Roanoke. The Carolina Tobacco Geist The secret was the Tobacco itself. The Queen must be informed. Not long ago, the Virginia colony (what we would call today Virginia and the Carolinas) had discovered the bright leaf tobacco from the Indian natives. Already, the tobacco was a cash crop that had proven to be quite a success in England and Europe. America was the true source, and Raleigh was the pioneer conscripted sailors.
The natives told many tales of the tobacco gods and goddesses, including the story that the mother of the mother of the serpent was tobacco. We thought of these tales as no more than campfire tales of fancy, tale tails to frighten children, but soon we would realize the grim truth behind these pagan demon songs. Following our native guides and the maps of the south america captured from our Spanish foes, we lay anchor in a small cove adjacent to the markings for the lost city of gold, El Dorado, as marked in our Spanish maps.
We rowed out with a small expedition party to take our quest on foot into the heart of those Amazonian jungles to find El Dorado. Our maps and guides proved equally useless, once inland, and weeks were not the only thing lost as we wandered like madmen in the Amazonian jungles. Half our men were taken by a jungle fever that boil their minds alive and ruptured the flesh with bubos. Only the tobacco smoke kept the remaining of us alive, and our numbers were cut in half again by attacks from jungle cats and insects. In the end, after weeks of wandering, we were forced to return without the secret of El Dorado. However, in those jungles we were joined with members of a southern American tribe, Aztecs, who we shared our stories and tobacco with.
Once they began to recount there own myths of the tobacco gods, we learn of the curse. They had a ceremony to bring the dead back to life, using tobacco and preserving the body in the bog. They claimed that that tobacco and the bogman curse were at work in all The Carolina Tobacco Geist places where the tobacco was smoked. Eventually we returned to Roanoke, where we found much of the colony destroyed. The journals of the survivors spoke of a creature rising from the tobacco fields of Carolinas, and undying creature with leathery skin the feed on the Virginia colonists, filling its belly with human meat. And roaring in the night. In the end, the colonists managed to burn the creature to death, and it sank back in the bog near the tobacco fields.
Although I was not able to find the city of gold, I bring the Queen a mystical secret far more powerful in the end then any gold, or colony for that matter. I bring her the secret of undying life! Raleigh paused from his writing, to take a drink of the fine rum from the ships stores. Lightning stuck, and then the rumble of thunder.
Raleigh produced a small leather pouch from his side, a tobacco pouch that he had acquired from the natives of Virginia. Raleigh took a pinch of leaves and rolled them into the blunt as he had been taught by the Indians. He murmured a few words: Christ my Lord and Savior protect us all from the Old Ones, the devils of this New World. And grant my passage to England to share my secret with the Queen of god’s children. May you bless our voyage in the name of the mother, namesake of this vessel. Bless the crew and our quests. Amen.
With the invocation, as la Madre de Dios was tossed aft and starboard by the surging ocean storm, Raleigh lit the tobacco and puffed a deep inhalation of the smoke. Soon enough he would be in England, and the Queen would know the secret. But Raleigh wouldn’t know that the Queen would guard the secret, and the world would not discover the curse for another several hundred years.

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