Dune Revenant

Dune Revenant
Genre: Science Fiction
Publisher: nereusmedia
Publication Year: 1999,2007
DUNE REVENANT is an original fan fiction with a long tradition, continuing the Dune Saga in the science fiction tradition of Frank Herbert’s original Dune Saga. Dune Revenant takes the reader beyond the events following Chapterhouse: Dune into the far future of Dune, where Spice Dreamers seek to reveal the ghosts of Dune’s past. The uncompleted draft of Dune Revenant hasn't been changed much since its 1999 internet distribution, but the original work by fan author William Mitchell began in 1995, twenty years ago. At the time, the internet was a different experience, and fans of Herbert would gather on alt.fan.dune usenet group (for the kids, think facebook without friending and liking and you get the idea).
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from the author’s Introduction to the 2013 edition of Dune Revenant

“Almost twenty years have passed since I first began work on Dune Revenant, a fan fiction which tried in earnest to continue the Dune Saga true to Frank Herbert’s tradition.  To this day, it is surprising to find in a review of the Dune Prequel novels a mention of Dune Revenant as a more favorable choice. Part of the reason why Dune Revenant fans like the tone of my unfinished novel is because my goal had always been one of homage to Frank Herbert. A fan myself, I wrote in a style that appealed to my inner fanboy of this epic saga. And while Hunters of Dune and Sandworms of Dune are marked improvements over the other prequel series, the tone was still less complex then one would have found in a Frank Herbert novel (tone deaf perhaps, but with clever moments, e.g. the inversion of desert for water planet, a nod to The Lazarus Effect).  Hunters and Sandworms are better because they followed the clues and queues Frank left us in his original series. I did the same when I wrote Dune Revenant (before them), with ghola’s of Paul and other characters from the first Dune, the Master Face Dancers and the merged sisterhoods of Bene Gesserit and Honored Matres all pulled from the events at the end of Chapterhouse: Dune.”

“Frank Herbert loved to shock and surprise: building up Paul only to tear him down in Dune Messiah, reinventing the Dune universe with the epic God Emperor of Dune, and evolving his projected changes out into the future of Heretics of Dune. Mirroring the spirit of his vast plot architecture, Dune Revenant takes place in an even more distant future, where the descendant schools have evolved humanity beyond even the tlielaxu, mentats, sisterhoods, or navigators that Frank introduced us to.  In Dune Revenant, these transhumans look back at the ghosts of history from old Dune, beyond the sandworm transformation of Leto in Children of Dune. Like the Butlerian Jihad rejected thinking machines ages before them, the Fish Speaker Schools struggle to reject their transhumanism, longing through their Spice Dreaming for their lost humanity. To know humanity; what Frank Herbert left us to ponder.”

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