nereusmedia authors

August Moldenhauer

August Moldenhauer is the author of "The Kathu Journals out of Lovecraft's Providence" and is the editor of the nereusmedia edition of "Elizabethan Demonology". His forthcoming book is "The Gearbox Giraffe: The Fascist Roots of Transhumanism and the Marxist Politics of Artificial Intelligence", published by nereusmedia's imprint Gearbox Giraffe Press.

Bensa Magos

Bensa Magos is the occult author of "Obama Antichrist", "The Phrenology of Barack Obama", and "Obamacare: The Seven Clones of Barack Obama." His forthcoming book, "13 Cults of Barack Obama" will be published by nereusmedia in 2015.

Billy Arioch

Billy Arioch is the author of several books published by nereusmedia including "The Wounded" and "Head For Salome." Billy Arioch is also the graphic designer and book design for many of the nereusmedia publications. He is currently working on a new novel.

Emily Roy Fischer

Emily Roy Fischer is the author of "Liberty Sinclair's 5th Grade Journal", her first children's book published with nereusmedia. She is currently working on a follow-up book, "Liberty Sinclair's 6th Grade Journal," coming soon from nereusmedia

Otsu Grail

Otsu Grail has written two novels published by nereusmeda, a horror novel, "Dark Spirit House", and a tail of the supernatural "The Princess of Ayyutthaya." Otsu Grail is working on her next horror novel, "The Something on the Stairway." coming in 2015 from nereusmedia

Thomas Alfred Spaulding

Thomas Spaulding is the author of "Eliabethan Demonology," edited with annotations and a new introdution by August Moldenhauer

William A Mitchell

William Mitchell is the author of several science fiction books from neresumedia, including "Sugar Zero Robot Shaman" and his cult classic first novel, the fan fiction "Dune Revenant", as well as two horror novels: "The Killingworth Bogman" and "The CArolina Tobacco Geist." OUr resident computer consultant, William Mitchell has edited several database books including "ETL and Data Warehousing" and "Data Modeling." He is currently completing a sequel to his science fiction novel "Dead Suns Eleven."

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