Author: Thomas Alfred Spaulding

Thomas Spaulding is the author of "Eliabethan Demonology," edited with annotations and a new introdution by August Moldenhauer
Elizabethan Demonology

Elizabethan Demonology

Thomas Alfred Spalding described "Elizabethan Demonology" as an 'Illustration of the Belief in the Existence of Devils, and the Powers Possessed By Them, as It Was Generally Held during the Period of the Reformation, and the Times Immediately Succeeding with Special Reference to Shakespeare and His Works.' Now, nereusmedia presents a newly annotated edition with an Introduction by August Moldenhauer with special attention not only to the Elizabethan Era of Shakespeare, but to the spiritualism and superstitions of the Victorian Era in which Spalding wrote. August Moldenhauer's annotated version updates this classic work on demonology, witchcraft, and devils for the 21st century reader. More info →
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