Author: Emily Roy Fischer

Emily Roy Fischer is the author of "Liberty Sinclair's 5th Grade Journal", her first children's book published with nereusmedia. She is currently working on a follow-up book, "Liberty Sinclair's 6th Grade Journal," coming soon from nereusmedia
Liberty Sinclair’s 5th Grade Journal

Liberty Sinclair’s 5th Grade Journal

Welcome to the 5th Grade at Blue Oceanside Elementary School where Liberty Sinclair and her little sister Justice Sinclair go to school. Liberty is just a normal 5th grade student, except that kids call her the Statue of Liberty and even Mrs Prosterfax can't get her name right (She calls her 'Library' - Can You Believe It.) Follow the all the scandals with Liberty in her new 5th Grade class with her friends Lori Burloffson and Moniqua Jones, as they try to steer clean of the new SplaWatch plastic sports watch crazy that has hit the school, especially with the Paisley Twins who love to dress in Pink Dresses! Liberty Sinclair has a good head on her shoulders, but she still manages to get caught up in all the everyday things that can drive a fifth grader crazy, from the school bullies The Bratwurst Brothers, to the smart phone snobs, to the ride on the school bus that you will never forget. Step inside East Oceanside Elementary School and follow the adventures of Liberty Sinclair's 5th Grade Journal. More info →
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